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Dogman84, 30

I'm really just a canine at heart. If you're interested in some doggie play i'll happily do tricks for the right mistress. Are you interested in taking this dog home from the pound?

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Seahawkzz_rule, 26

In the rest of my life i'm a total control freak, so i need a woman who will tie me up and make me totally dependent on her all of her whims.

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Absolutbondage, 21

It gets cold at night up here, and i could really use a woman to keep me warm, maybe by wrapping me tight in rope bondage no matter how much i squirm.

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One of the biggest problems in the fetish community is the sense of isolation. It can seem like there aren't nearly enough kinky people near you, and there certainly aren't people who share your particular kink. Or are there? You might be surprised. By using a website with millions of members all over the world, you increase your odds of meeting someone close to home who happens to be a natural for the fantasies you have in mind. Using alternative dating makes it easier to find kinky men and "interview" them ahead of time to make sure they're exactly what you want out of a hookup or scene. Once you've logged into your bdsm dating website- i recommend you can create the perfect profile to draw the attention of the kind of man who will compliment your kinks. Then you have the choice to either sit back and let them come to you, recognizing you for the goddess of domination that you are, or you can browse the profiles of them men near you for the perfect subordinate man. You can even do both, moving aggressively in pursuit of what you want while remaining open to whoever is interested in you. Either way, you can't go wrong searching to see what options you have in the dating market.

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I used to think there were no good guys left out there, and if there were they certainly weren't into tying nice girls up! Then a girlfriend recommended and i've never gone back to ladies night at the bar. All the best guys are right here and i don't need to let a bunch of guys i'm not interested in buy me drinks.


Lots of guys don't know how to react when a woman comes on strong. I guess they just can't handle me! But the guys i find on are always just what the doctor ordered when it comes to an exciting night where i rule the bed and give him exactly the punishment he deserves. I don't know what i'd do without this site


I got tired of guys shooting me down by telling me i looked like too much of a nice girl to be into kink. I didn't think online dating would be any better but blew me away with the amazing selection of kinky guys who like me for me, kinks and all! Thanks for keeping me from giving up on dating.


I'm a leather lady and i dated a lot of biker guys, but when i wanted to get into ageplay i found out that none of those harley guys would go for diapers. Luckily i found and the tons of local guys who want nothing more than for me to treat them like the big babies they are. Thanks, guys!

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It can seem like there's no good way to find men who are into alternative dating. Some are pushy, and some make assumptions about what you're into. Some don't understand that you have standards. There's nothing wrong with having standards! Don't be afraid to stick to your guns and aim for the man who really turns your gears. If you can't find such a man when you're going to play parties and clubs, there is still hope. Your best bet is to try dating online instead of trying to separate the wheat from the chaff on the dance floor. When you sign up with, you'll find a whole new way to see who's out there and interested in you. With online alternative personals, you can approach the chase at your own speed. Browse the men in your area, making sure you get a feel for them from their profiles. You won't have to put up with guys in bars awkwardly hitting on you anymore. Now you go to them, picking the men you find the most enticing or compatible. Make your arrangements ahead of time, so that every aspect of your night out- or in- will be perfect. You've always had that one kinky fantasy, and now is the time to live it out with the help of

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Just a spicy sample

Lord_ravenoak, 48

I've been practicing denial and bondage for twenty years and i'm always looking for new ladies who want to be shown the ropes. I'd love to teach you to control me.

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Juggalowest, 24

Do you know how to swing a knife? I'm looking for a hard core woman who knows how to hurt me and will appreciate that i get off on it.

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Ink_and_flash, 27

There's nothing i want more than to be totally ruled by you. Let me serve you as your loyal knight errant and i will do whatever you ask, my lady.

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All the members you could want no matter your location

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Being a woman who is into kink can be complicated. Whether you're into pantyhose and submission or playing the domme, it's hard to find men who really understand your tastes and interests, much less support them and want to indulge in the same bedroom fun you're into. Too many men who seem to want to have fun turn out to be prudes as soon as you let them in on your little secret. That's ridiculous! You don't need to waste your time on men who don't appreciate your adventurous spirit. You are a modern woman who is not afraid to assert your needs in the bedroom, and you need to find yourself a man who respects and appreciates that. You need a kinky man who is not just tolerant of your interests but actively appreciates them. Don't be afraid to go out and find just that. This is where online dating can fit perfectly into your lifestyle. By using, a free fetish dating site, you can identify men in your area who share your kinks, arrange adventurous evenings and wild weekends, and get all of your needs met without having to settle. You shouldn't have to settle. You deserve the man of your kinky fantasies, and you can find him online. Don't give up on him. Go get 'em!

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