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Brngnsexyback, 26

I want to beat you so bad. I've got a closet full of equipment to do it with too: floggers, whips, paddles, whatever you want. You'll be mine in no time.

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Notyrprincecharming, 21

Are you into roleplaying? I need a dom who will tie me up and tease me until i can't stand it anymore tonight or every night. I need to hear from you!

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Byron23950, 28

I work hard all week and on the weekends i like to play just as hard. Let me bring you home to my dungeon and i'll make sure it's a night you'll never forget.

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Sheer numbers are your friend when you're gay and kinky. It seems like you're sitting in a metaphorical rowboat at the intersection of these two already-small groups, those who are into kink and those who are into gay sex. Finding other people near you who share that intersection can be overwhelming to contemplate. There's a lot of planning involved, a lot of feeling people out, a lot of time spent attending munches and gay events and never quite knowing where to start and what you can assume. That's where the numbers come into play. The larger the dating pool you're fishing in, the better your odds of finding what you're hunting for are, so it makes sense to start with the largest dating pool of bdsm singles you can possibly find that's going to have your kind of fish in it. Luckily for you, has millions of members throughout the united states and even the world. All you have to do is create a profile and dive into the sea, taking your pick of the millions of fish that all want to be your choice. Whether you're into pretty boy fish with lots of color in their scales or large, manly fish with a lot of muscle on them, you'll find that the perfect answer to every one of your kinky fantasies.

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I've gone to my share of munches and play parties, but i never seemed to have much luck finding people who were actually into the same things i was. Once i found, though, everything changed. Now i always know where to find a hot guy who's willing to whip me and tie me to the bed. It's so amazing!


I'd heard that online dating was the hottest way to find other kinky folks in my area and i wanted a piece of that action. I had okay results at first, but then i checked out These guys really had it going on. I set up a hot night my first day on the site and haven't slowed down.


When i first joined the website, i wasn't expecting much. I'd never had much luck finding other gay men who shared my pantyhose fetish. What i found blew me away: there were dozens of guys a short drive from my home who were excited to put me in nylons! I couldn't believe it! I recommend this site to everyone.


I may look like a nerd but my tastes are seriously hard core and i was having a hard time finding submissives who would take me seriously. Fortunately i found in an internet search and now i let those who wish to call me master come to me instead. My weekends are always full and i can't say enough good things about the site.

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While cross-dressing is widely associated with being gay, most of the gay men you meet aren't into it, and many of the cross-dressers you meet aren't gay or aren't into it for the kink. You may wonder what a guy with an eye for pantyhose fetish dating or a taste for corsetry has available to him. The good news is that there is a wide range of kinky gay men out there, interested in almost every kink there is, from pantyhose dating to full roleplaying. With a wide enough pool of dating material, you're almost guaranteed to find other men interested in the same kinks as you. A quick search on can turn up dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of men with the same fetish in your town or within driving distance. If you're ready to branch out and try something new, can be helpful there, too. Just take a look at the listings of thousands of bdsm singles near you to see what they're into and what they have to offer. By taking your first curious steps into a new fetish with an expert who's advertised himself as a teacher, you're helping to ensure that you're going to get the very best in attention and care. Half the fun of being kinky is trying new things, so get out there.

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Just a spicy sample

Rowingmaster, 29

I'm a sexy personal trainer who interested in fat fetish dating with a hot chubby guy who'll let me stuff him full of cake. Let me ruin your diet this weekend.

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Basscatcher41, 41

After years as the dom in my relationships i'm ready to try being the guy n the bottom for a change. Strap me down and i'll do whatever you want me to do.

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Timberarmy, 32

I'm pretty new to the whole scene but i've been fantasizing about naughty male nurses since i was a teen. Are you looking for a perfect patient who wants to learn?

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All the members you could want no matter your location

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Kink is the tops

The question "so who's the top" is the bane of every gay man's existence, but if you're into bdsm dating, the question can actually relevant, even if it's not everyone's business. If you're new and exploring the scene for the first time, you will need to decide whether you're only interested in topping or bottoming, or whether you're interested in trying both. Ultimately the decision is up to you, but to get the most out of your kink, trying both at least once can be an excellent experience. Even if you don't end up becoming a switch, acting as a sub can teach you more about how a good dominant partner should behave. The opposite is true as well for submissive partners acting as doms. Don't be afraid to experiment. Nothing is etched in stone. If you're not sure where to start, hit up a site like that specializes in dating for kink-minded people. When you search through bdsm personals, you'll often find listings from people who are reaching out to new people in the scene to help teach them the ropes, both literal and metaphorical. Don't be afraid to take them up on it, and be open to what they have to share with you. Even if you don't end up finding something perfect, you'll learn something new.

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